Wall, Window & Ceiling Mounted Fans

Amethyst Series – A variety of compact fixed pitch plate mounted axial flow fans are available in the Amethyst series and are suitable for panel mounting or wall.

Fixed Pitch Wall Mount Axial Flow Fans – External Rotor Motors

Wall and Ceiling

Ceiling Mounted Header Box

Wall & Window

Plate Mounted Axial

Ring Plate Mounted Axial

Topaz Series – Fans in the Topaz series come in a variety of sizes and provide high flexibility. Also, adjustable pitch impellers are used to power square plate axial fans.

Wall Mounted Axial Flow Fans – TEFC Motors

Plate Mounted Axial

Heavy Duty Plate Mounted Axial

Amber Series

Fixed Pitch HAZARDOUS AREA Axial Flow Fans – Ex’d’ Single-phase Motors

Plate Mounted Axial Ex'd'