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Softlogic Australia introduces Invisible System: our cloud-based monitoring solution driving efficiency and business expansion. Specializing in cutting-edge wireless energy monitoring, we provide real-time insights for informed decision-making. Analyze energy consumption across sites to evaluate performance and quality with ease
Introducing Invisible Systems, our market-leading, cost-effective solution for wireless energy monitoring. Continuously monitoring temperatures of freezers, fridges, dishwashers, and temperature-controlled equipment, Invisible Systems also tracks water, gas, electricity, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. Leveraging wireless radio frequency and internet communication devices, along with cellular gateways, data is seamlessly transmitted to our web server for real-time online monitoring and control.
Monitor Gas, Water and Energy Real time!

Softlogic Australia’s Invisible system seamlessly addresses all your energy consumption challenges. Utilizing batteries with low energy consumption, it effectively monitors gas and water usage, ensuring efficient management and conservation of resources.

In addition to offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution, it prioritizes carbon reduction initiatives. Adhering to strict food safety regulations, it maintains compliance while safeguarding quality. Continuously monitoring the temperature of fridges, dishwashers, electricity usage, and freezers, it also provides timely alerts regarding changing weather conditions. Accessing data collected by the software is effortless through web applications via any web browser, ensuring convenient oversight and informed decision-making.

No Stock Wastage

No Stock Wastage

Pharma products are temperature-sensitive; they get ruined easily due to
cold-chain errors that are avoidable. The Invisible systems alerts your team immediately so
that prompt preventive actions can be taken and loss of stock can be mitigated.

Automated Compliance

Automated Compliance

Invisible system aims to reduce errors with the help of digital records, thereby eliminating the need for paper records. This also helps in reducing human errors.
Patient Safety

Patient Safety

Since the software facilitates timely and immediate alerts, it helps safeguard patients’ health and prevents temperature breaching critical levels.
Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Timely alerts, real-time monitoring and predictive monitoring help reduce maintenance cost. This will help your maintenance team to pay attention to potential problem areas and prevent expenses.


The system is completely wireless and has hassle-free installation. Thus, it also helps reduce installation costs.
Report Generation

Report Generation

It provides a clear and precise report that is easy to understand. The reports are easy to understand and will help in formulating effective business decisions
Environment and Smart building
Promote health and well-being by monitoring both indoor and outdoor air quality, ensuring a safe environment for all. Receive timely weather alerts and predictions for rain, wind, and temperature changes, allowing proactive measures to be taken. Keep a close eye on flood and river levels to mitigate potential risks. Efficiently manage washroom and hot desk occupancy for optimal space utilization. With a focus on asset management, track the status of plant and equipment seamlessly. Optimize HVAC systems for control and cost reduction, enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, ensure room and door access security for added peace of mind and protection.
Key Performance

Real-time Energy Control

Gas and Water Monitoring

Industry Compliance

Healthcare – MHRA
Legionella – ACOPL8/HSG274 P2
Food Safety – HACCP/ BRC
Pharmaceutical – 21 CFR

Air Quality – Health and Safety

Environment and Smart Building
Client's Testimonial
Invisible system by Softlogic Australia has immensely helped us in reducing cost, hassle-free installation and reducing carbon and energy consumption. It has also helped us to focus on potential weak areas and take prompt action.
After installing the Invisible system, we managed to reduce our carbon consumption by 20%. In addition, it follows standard norms and industry compliance. With the help of reports it was easier to evaluate performance and compare the results with the previous year. This information helped us to make effective business plans and decisions.
Invisible systems help us save time and resources. Its timely alerts, SMS, and email notifications have also been very helpful to take immediate actions and prevent risks, reduce cost, and mitigate errors. Thankful to Softlogic Australia for providing us with the best cloud-based monitoring solution.
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