In-line Fans – Duct Mounted Fans

Quartz Series – Fans in the Quartz series are low noise level centrifugal fans and suitable for both exhaust and ducted air supply applications. Single or three phase speed controllable motors are used to power these fans.

Inline Centrifugal Fans

Circular Inline

Square Inline Centrifugal Fan

Inline Centrifugal Multi Inlet

Square Inline Centrifugal TEFC

Pearl Series – In the Pearl series, single and three phase motors are used to power these fans and are speed controllable. They are also used for exhaust and ducted air supply applications. To suit low noise applications, standard fan/ silencer kits are also available.

Inline Mixed Flow Fans

In-line Mixed Flow

Sound Insulated In-line Mixed Flow

In-line Mixed Flow Silencer Kit

Onyx Series – For easy and quick installation, small diameter compact inline fan sleeve connections are available in the Onyx series.

Sleeved Axial Flow Fans

Sleeved Axial

Ruby Series – In the Ruby series, compact inline fans with flanged connections are available for fast and hassle-free installation.

Fixed Pitch Ducted Inline Axial Flow Fans

Short Case Axial

Sapphire Series – Fans in the Sapphire series are used for ducted installations and have a very flexible range of Aerofoil axial flow fans.

Ducted Inline Axial Flow Fans

TEFC Motors

Amber Series – In the amber series, a pre-engineered range of fans is offered where flameproof equipment is required. In hazardous locations, such as battery rooms, spray boots and paint stores, these fans can be safely used.

Fixed Pitch HAZARDOUS AREA Axial Flow Fans – Ex’d’ Single-phase Motors

Plate Mounted Axial Ex'd'

In-line Axial Ex'd'

Roof Mounted Axial Vert Discharge Ex'd'