Axial Flow Fans

Axial Fans
In an axial fan, low-pressure air is created and its blade pulls the air in and forces it out in a parallel direction to that of a shaft. Softlogic offers a comprehensive range of axial fans ranging from heavy duty axial fans for large industries to high-quality axial fans for commercial applications. The aim is to make the product robust and durable and, hence, it is made using the best quality material.
These fans are of high-quality and can withstand extreme environments, such as corrosive fumes and high temperatures. We also offer both vee belt drive and direct drive configuration so that it can be installed easily based on the installation condition.
These axial fans are made using high quality materials such as mild steel and stainless steel impellers, hot dip galvanised coated mild steel, impellers are also available in GRN, GRP and aluminium and based on client requirements special coating is also available. Other than this, accessories available for axial fans include matching flangers, inlet cones, mounting feet, guards, inspection doors, anti-vibration mounts, and noise attenuators.