About Us

Our commitment lies in crafting solutions that make practical sense for our clients, empowering them to achieve their business goals effectively.

Who We Are?

At Softlogic Australia Pty Ltd, we specialize in crafting innovative software solutions that are both flexible and robust. Our goal is to surpass your expectations by delivering tailored solutions that address your unique business needs. Backed by a highly skilled team of developers and dedicated staff, we are committed to excellence, empowering your business to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

With over 23 years of industry experience, Softlogic Australia is dedicated to providing customizable software solutions to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients. Our guiding principle is ‘Best in Business’, and we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering the finest software solutions and services to our valued customers.

Our Values

We are the value drivers. Reliability, trust, constructive conservatism, esprit de corp and integrity are clichés. It is the clear unwavering guidance which defines the cultural context in which we work and interact with our business partners, our community and with each other. At Softlogic, this is a two-way process where employees are the backbone of Softlogic values and the community our corpus.
Through our High Performance Culture, Innovation, Integrity, Human Capital, Success, Accountability, Corporate Responsibility and Simplicity; we have created a transparent organizational culture where ideas flourish, people thrive and success prosper.


We perform. We are committed to a result-oriented and customer-centric culture where success is shared and celebrated across the Group. We place customers at the centre of our activities and we hold ourselves responsible to deliver what we promise in keeping with customer needs with a determination to excel and a commitment to action. A “can do” attitude has proven to be the key performance driver across Softlogic.


We innovate. We constantly challenge conventional wisdom and aim to create an exciting and innovative culture, stimulating out-of-the box thinking and developing innovative solutions for our customers. Our group-wide innovation contest is just one of the ways in which we promote this creativity.


Action speaks louder than words! We are self-effacing. But we act fairly, honestly and show respect and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas. We believe in ethics and transparency in all our dealings.


We nurture people and they are our most important asset. We benefit from the diversity of our business and our people by working together to achieve success with clear recognition, utilization, retention of good talent and appreciation of employee skills and talents. We treat all our staff with utmost respect and dignity, provide opportunities for career enhancement and cross fertilize for disciplined valour.


We succeed. We also ensure that the maximum return is provided to all stakeholders.


We are accountable. We take responsibility for our actions and results and keep promises and commitments. We embrace the belief that the element of accountability starts with “me”.


We have a fiduciary duty to our customers and business partners. We care for the community and the environment, delivering the maximum benefits of responsible business practices and take responsibility to protect them. At Softlogic, Corporate Responsibility goes beyond words where we strive to think and act as a good corporate citizen whilst supporting worthy causes and CSR projects.


Simplicity is the core value that expresses the personality and the style of Softlogic where simple value of “effectiveness” is embodied enabling us to deliver effective solutions and results to our customers. It is also a company philosophy – having simple processes, procedures and activities in place to take decisions quickly and rapidly transform ideas into fruitful results.


Whilst integrating our tradition of unyielding trust and relationship with our stakeholders, we possess the flexibility and dynamism required to adapt to increasingly changing markets. Our spirit comes from rare tenacity and dynamism, a Group seeking to be the market leader while seizing opportunities so that new frontiers open for greater rewards.

Our Approach

Domain Expertise

Having served the Healthcare industry since 2000 as a solutions provider and as an active client partner, Softlogic has won the trust of customers & their staff by working closely in identifying client requirements & defining effective Solutions. Highly regarded as a domain expert and a trendsetter in the world of technology, we have built a strong presence in the market.

Competitive Pricing

Softlogic stands out with its remarkable service and commitment to competitive pricing. We offer impeccable solutions that pave the way to our clients' success, all at an affordable price. Leveraging the extensive knowledge and expertise of our skilled professionals, we aim to deliver a commendable service that harnesses cost and productivity gains for our customers. Our easily accessible technological solutions add efficiency to their work, promising a brighter future ahead.

Innovative Solutions And Cutting Edge Technology

We introduce our clients to incredibly effective, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, building a credible working structure. Our services enable you to optimise the advanced technological tools most efficiently and analyse your journey to track your growth. Making business operations easier to handle and inviting success knocking at your door, SoftLogic is renowned for bringing highly innovative solutions for our customers.

How we do it?

Products and services

Softlogic Australia is dedicated to providing specialized products and services tailored exclusively for the Health, Hospitals, and Aged Care Services sectors. From patient-centric offerings such as Food Service Management and Nutrition Planning to essential health services like Allied Health Management and Electronic Compliance and Auditing solutions, we offer comprehensive solutions. Additionally, our suite includes monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, gas, and electricity, ensuring cost-effective and efficient operations for our clients

Cyber Security

In the realm of cybersecurity, adherence to specific protocols and principles is paramount, offering substantial benefits to your IT team. Backing up and securing data equips the team to effectively address potential issues. In the unfortunate event of data theft, a proficient IT team coupled with a robust security infrastructure facilitates retrieval. Furthermore, stringent security protocols serve as a deterrent to cybercriminals, easing the burden on your IT team in handling such threats


Whilst integrating our tradition of unyielding trust and relationship with our stakeholders, we possess the flexibility and dynamism required to adapt to increasingly changing markets. Our spirit comes from rare tenacity and dynamism, a Group seeking to be the market leader while seizing opportunities so that new frontiers open for greater rewards.