Dust Collector Fans


Nickel Series - Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fans (For clean air)

Nickel series fans are heavy duty and made useful in many dust collector applications. These fans are constructed using carbon steel and have an enamel finish. Also, the motors used in the fans are 1.5 to 22 kW standard/ high efficiency Class F motors. These fans are made durable and long lasting using backward inclined centrifugal impellers with laminar blades. These fans are not only useful in the dust and fume control market but can also be used for other applications such as drying, cooling, and air handling.


Backward Curved/ Inclined Fans (For clean air)

These fans are designed using heavy duty materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel. They are available in both arrangements, belt and direct drive. It has epoxy, hot dip galvanised, and enamel finishing. They are suitable for all types of dust collection applications and render trouble free service. Along with this, multiple optional accessories can be taken, which include cowls, flanges, silencer/ attenuators, spark resistant and special finishes. These fans are provided with high quality and high efficiency motors.


Radial Type Centrifugal Fans (For dirty air)

These fans are also suitable for every type of duct collector application and can be manufactured using multiple materials. The surface wear of the fan can be replaced to increase the life of the product. It comes with enamel, epoxy and hot dip galvanised finishing. These fans have high efficiency motors and are constructed using special alloys, carbon steel and stainless steel. Also, they are available in both arrangements, direct drive and belt drive.